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  1. Dosida

    James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, is dead. Barack Obama articulate, racial epithets. Filed Under: General. Reader Interactions. Comments. Evelyn says. February 11, at pm. Thank goodness someone has the courage to speak out against the madness that is “political correctness”. Biden was right. Obama is articulate.
  2. Kitilar

    James Brown Is Dead (Take Outs) B1: James Brown Is Dead (Rap Remix Version) B2: James Brown Is Dead (Deadly Mix) Companies, etc. Manufactured By – Fabelsound; Distributed By – F.M. Records S.A. Credits Executive-Producer 4/5(6).
  3. Muhn

    On 26th of August, James Brown and other 56 suspected homosexuals were arrested by the police. And when he was asked if he was guilty of homosexuality, he replied, ‘They didn’t caught’ me. James Brown is now giving updates of the court case which has been on for over a year.
  4. Dihn

    He'd actually throw a five-hand out at them to the beat. Sometimes he'd fine them more than five bucks at a time.
  5. Zulkim

    Brown's official cause of death was listed as a heart attack and fluid in the lungs. But even the doctor who signed his death certificate doubts that's what really happened to him. Dr Marvin.
  6. Arajin

    Feb 21,  · James Brown, the funk legend who died on Christmas Day, could finally be buried this week after his six adult children and partner reached an agreement on the his final resting place, a .
  7. Faujora

    Oct 27,  · James Brown could not come out of the personal issues during s. He checked himself into a drug rehabilitation centre and underwent a treatment for 90 days. Health was always a concern for James. Diagnosed with diabetes from a very young age, he was also diagnosed with prostate cancer, which successfully overcame. After so many musical hits.
  8. Misar

    Dec 29,  · When news broke on Christmas Day that James Brown (73) had died of congestive heart failure, I did not think his passing was worthy of comment; except perhaps to note that he was probably the most famous and enduring one-hit wonder in entertainment history (ie. “I feel good. ”; I dare you to name another hit?). But, since so many of you have asked, I have preempted my regular “Good .
  9. Vumi

    Mar 21,  · Brown defied the order in April by joining a gym near Glasgow. A member recognised him from the TV and he was thrown out.

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