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  1. Dugul

    Try to quench your mind with a false feud We need a cultural secession from these political swine Find a new way apart and free your mind And your life!! Circa A new medium and education Now both have strayed the same The same influence to blame!! GUILTY OF BEING WHITE (Minor Threat cover) I’m sorry for something I didn’t do.
  2. Kagacage

    Chapter Text “You keep acting as if I was very wise, Ophelia, and I am still not believing you.” Maria said with a laugh. The two had been talking for what seemed like several hours by that point – ‘seemed’ because time is a shallow concept on a night of the Hunt, rather than the more mundane way in which something might seem to ‘drag on for hours’ – yet Maria hadn’t even.
  3. Yozshujora

    “And be renewed in the spirit of your mind” (Ephesians ). We humans are a spiritual being in a physical body with a mind (soul) to do what the Holy Spirit teaches. 2. Heavenly Instructions. The word transformed (Romans ) in Greek is metamorphosis (meta=change, morph=form) and means, a change in form. In common practice the word.
  4. Tojanos

    Sep 29,  · Free your mind, and your ass will open himself to collaborations with artists outside the Paisley bubble, make numerous TV appearances, embark on multiple tours, and generally enjoy his.
  5. Gromi

    This CD album is the result of researching the physiological effects of various frequencies for healing and well-being. I have been encouraged by Dr. Leonard Horowitz through his published work in this area to offer a recording using the “Mi” frequency as the basis for the compositions you are about to hear.
  6. Donos

    Chapter Text. Iosefka awoke to the smell of incense, the excited voice of a little girl, and the feeling of a hard cot beneath her. Eyes fluttering open, she peered into the semidarkness of the Chapel’s arching roof and noted that it was rather higher than the ceilings in her clinic.
  7. Tezragore

    The quests Mr. D's Wild Ride and Mr. P's Wild Ride reference Big Papa and Big Daddy--you must control the shredders to kill a variety of enemies. As you complete the quests, Clarissa and Alice follow and cheer you on. The shredders don't look like normal shredders as well--they are wearing helmets and have a drill for one arm and a huge claw for the other, just like the Big Daddies.
  8. Kagaramar

    Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself. by Harry Hoover out of 5 stars Kindle $ $ 0. Open Your Eyes To New Possibilities Of Life: Free Your Mind From Your Limitations. by Eimonison Neo. Kindle $ $ 0.

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