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  1. Mezijinn

    Thanks for this research, very amusing and thought-provoking, especially in comparison with the old list! Even with % inflation (but more disposable income around) and record collecting being popular these days, it’s a striking difference: if the old list barely made it in the low $$$$, with the average price of top-5 records at $, just a decade later # is already way above at.
  2. Juk

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  3. Akinotaur

    Great album - definitely worth a purchase if you're looking for some new country style music. I went for the vinyl to add to my collection and was not disappointed. A modern country album with hints of pop music with well written songs. Probably not for the person who enjoys old style country - /5().
  4. Tojagami

    Vinyl record albums are no longer produced in the quantities they once were, having been replaced by magnetic then digital media. However, the original issues are now collector's items. It is important for collectors to identify the edition of a vinyl record album to assess the .

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