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  1. Zulkikus

    Don’t take all this as me rooting against vinyl, or worse, egging on the decline of the recording industry. It’s not that. It’s great that vinyl has helped the industry stay alive during a tough time, but it’s just a temporary solution that can’t possibly last, like all the shale oil .
  2. Gujinn

    No wonder, since it took manufacturers almost 20 years to release a digital deck that would allow DJs to manipulate a CD in much the same way as they would a vinyl record. Several years ago, it finally became common for dance music to be released as digital downloads alongside the vinyl.
  3. Kazizuru

    0 Do DJs Still Use Vinyl? Old vs New. Since the historical dawn of the DJ trade, vinyl records have been the classic medium. Back in the s, when the term disc jockey was used for the first time, the DJs used to play vinyl phonograph records on air, and the trend continued for over 50 years.
  4. Mikalkis

    A sizeable chunk of my small home office’s valuable real estate is take up with cubes of vinyl. Not my entire collection, but maybe 75% of it, the rest being in storage. It’s not large, coming in at perhaps ish in total (I’ve never counted), but it’s large enough to make me appear to be a DJ or vinyl .
  5. Faurr

    If you’re wondering how to clean vinyl floors when scuffs or stains mar their beauty, we’ve included a few tips below. The Best Way to Clean a Vinyl Floor. Deep cleaning a vinyl floor takes a little elbow grease, but you can eliminate the scuff marks and stains with a .
  6. Kikinos

    Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. ive finally brought u all a tier list for real fans (NO FAKE FANS ALLOWED!!!) Close. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. ive finally brought u all a tier list for real fans (NO .
  7. Fetilar

    Nov 10,  · Sometimes on a record, be it new or old, one finds a particular point on a particular groove which causes a slight disturbance in the performance: the song begins to skip, playing the same three (well, more like two. the exact figure is ms, says yerricde) seconds over and over again as the needle bobs helplessly up and down, not advancing along the record at all.

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