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  1. Goshicage

    Files Relations Intended for filming videos and moving a camera somewhat smoothly, or move the camera with 6 degrees of freedom. Please report bugs and feature requests on either the forum thread linked below, or on github as an issue. Forum thread. Source is available from github.
  2. Zubei

    The only airplanes in the real world that can do what happens all the time in KSP by accident are ones deliberately built in a wacky way to be able to do that, and a very deliberate manual set of steps is necessary to pull it off (the Mig can do it because it has very extreme degrees of deflection vectoring on its engine thrust making it Missing: Kerbcrawler.
  3. Shaktijora

    With module 1 over I finally have some time in which to update the blog. Needless to say, the absence of posts has been due to the intensity and workload of information being taken on. Module 1 consisted of 4 subjects (Meteorology, Human performance & Limitations, Mass & Balance, Principals of Flight) which were generally [ ] Read More Module 1.
  4. Nim

    To sharpen your frame saw blade, you will need a taper saw file. These files (made in Portugal) are the proper size for the teeth on my rebate saw-plane blades, and are of the highest quality. Single cut, 19/32" across each face. Given the short length of this blade, you should be able to get a dozen or more sharpenings out of each trichabfrandinteofredgennueneygildazzcar.xyzinfog: Kerbcrawler.
  5. Sagor

    Tracklist / Playlist for Cyantific - Time Flies Part 1 () , 29 tracks, 1h05m, Drum & BassAuthor: Wouterke.
  6. Malalrajas

    I've been trying with limited success to convert a Google Earth KML file to a GIS shapefile (or other GIS file format e.g. Postgresql/PostGIS table) (see - trichabfrandinteofredgennueneygildazzcar.xyzinfoxchange question here Essentially I would like to convert the KML file to a CSV. My problem is that the KML file contains some data stored in an HTML table, so that the parsed KML file has one field in my resulting data table.
  7. Fenrizuru

    Average craft file size for me is MB, - parts. Whoa, that's about more parts than most of my stuff excluding the few crazy massive things, .

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