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  1. Nigore

    She fills up her schedule with things to keep her busy so that she doesn't have to face her unhappiness. READ: Everything You Need To Know About Leo Zodiac Sign (+ Daily Love Horoscopes!) Virgo.
  2. JoJozil

    But that doesn't mean she feels the same. Even the most confident person can overlook obvious signs she's using you. Society has a major problem, specifically, users. People tend to use people like stepping stones; and the worst thing about this is how common it is in the dating scene. We've all heard of men using women for sex, and women using.
  3. Meztilar

    Mark Spiro A: She Doesn't Mean A Thing To Me B: When I Sing: MCA / Curb USA: MCA Aug 7" 2: Mark Spiro A: She Doesn't Mean A Thing To Me B: She Doesn't Mean A Thing To Me: MCA / Curb USA: MCA Aug Promo Only 7" 0: Mark Spiro A: One For You, One For Me B: One For You, One For Me: MCA / Curb USA: MCA Promo.
  4. Neshicage

    I mean, she seems to avoid physical touch because it doesn’t feel the same. You no longer hold hands, kiss each other when you go to work, have cuddle sessions in front of the TV, etc. and when you think of doing it, it just seems wrong because you’re afraid of her reaction or that she’ll even get offended by it.
  5. Shakaramar

    But it’s amazing how many guys don’t think she’s serious, or take it as a sign that she doesn’t really mean it. Trust me she DOES mean it. #5 She doesn’t give you firm answers about whether you can get together. If you try to make plans with her, she says vague things like, “Sounds fun!” If she’s not saying things like, “Great!
  6. Shaktigor

    When she’s always avoiding getting together with you, and is never really sure when or what to do, it’s just another sign. Again, when a chick digs you she will say yes to pretty much anything that involves spending time with you. When she’s not that into you she will always find ways to avoid seeing you. That’s just the thing.
  7. Moran

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  8. Sagore

    Spiro doesn't impact testosterone in a blood test-visible way; it acts as an androgen receptor antagonist and not a testosterone production inhibitor like cypro does. Given that you're having a grab bag of negative spiro effects, consider switching to bicalutamide or upping your estrogen dose and using that to suppress testosterone production.

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